Common Threads' Kids Cook! programs bring healthy food and food education to some of our most vulnerable populations in low-income apartment complexes, rural community centers, and juvenile detention centers.


Many of these kids live in food insecure households, and have trouble accessing healthy food.

Kids Cook! program participants:

- Eat a healthy meal

- Learn the basics of nutrition

- Learn that cooking can be simple and FUN!

- Gain confidence and leadership skills

- Spend out of school hours in the company of peers and caring adults

You can make a big impact on the lives of these kids by donating today. It costs $12/kid/day to run a Kids Cook! program.  How many kids cooking will you support? 

Your information: 


We acknowledge our donors on our website and in our annual reports. If you would like your donation to be anonymous, please let us know.

Common Threads is a 501c3 nonprofit. Our Federal Tax Identification Number: 20-5163417. Your tax deductible gift helps connect kids to healthy food!